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Looking for an award winning web site? How about search engineering to give your web site top rankings in all the major search engines?
Database design and implementation? Web site promotion? Javascript, Flash, Programming, Web hosting, E-Commence store front, cgi,
PHP programming, Cold Fusion, Graphic design, logo design, Web development. For information on web development, Top search engine
ranking, Business development Contact
GVPDSJ today.


GVP.DSJ INC. combines custom solutions, Microsoft and other “Top Name“ product technologies and industry experience. We deliver integrated commerce solutions for new and established businesses, Brick & Mortar and Internet based businesses.

Our team of programmers creates custom applications and specializes in comprehensive solutions that connect back-end, and critical legacy business systems to front-end commerce web sites. GVP.DSJ INC. will help your company take advantage of the Internet to improve your competitive position and penetrate new markets.

If you prefer to "launch" your own Web store, try our GetShops solution and have your new store on-line in just minutes!.

We offer free consultation on how to get started with your online business.


Web and Application Development:

GVP.DSJ Inc. pride ourselves on our ability to meet the vast assortment of clients and their Web Development needs. Our talented and experienced team of designers, engineers, programmers and market analysts will provide you the ultimate in expertise. Our methodology helps assure your (ROI) return on your Web site investment and programming needs are maximized. Whatever your concerns, rest assured that they will be addressed with skill, knowledge and industry expertise.

    GVP.DSJ Inc. employs an interactive process when designing, wire framing, and building a schema for your Web site as well as custom programming. We work closely with your assigned personnel, proceeding towards a mutually beneficial set of goals in establishing and an effective online presence, all within a tight budget and timeframe!

    Our teams have expertise in all of today’s top software programs and environments, from ASP to QuickTime, from Adobe to Xenofex. Our continued investment in “new to market” software and technology and personnel training, provides you with cutting edge, state of the art web sites and programming.

   Our parent company has spent the better part of a year in development time in a major breakthrough; we now have the most comprehensive ecommerce business software package available. The culmination of thousands of hours of programming and R&D now allows us to build you a robust and fully featured online store in as little as a week, instead of months!

    The Mac MD Web Development department serves New York City, Northern NJ, Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties as well as the rest of the United States. One call and find out why The Mac MD can assist you in all your Web Site and Web Development needs as well as is indeed "All Things Macintosh"!




GVP.DSJ INC. employs a team of Advertising specialists. Backgrounds vary—traditional Advertising agencies to online specialists. We partner with our clients to identify their marketing objectives and develop on-line advertising strategies.

GVP.DSJ INC. provides full service solutions such as, media planning; opt-in direct e-mail programs, customer relationship management, search engine engineering and placement, site optimization and performance evaluation.
Regardless of your specific needs, our marketing professionals will customize a promotional campaign that will provide you the best results while keeping within your budget.

GVP.DSJ INC. professional staff will assist you with the development of your business and long range plans. With a full range of services we will take your business from idea, to concept, to reality.
We provide all phases of consulting, including business plan development, market analysis, web design and development, evaluation, state-of-the-art hosting, marketing and promotional consulting and services, back and front-end integration to legacy systems.


System Integration:

Since the inception of GVP.DSJ INC. in 1989, system integration and solutions have been the cornerstone of our foundation. Our hallmark is customer service, which continues long after the project is completed.

Our consultants, programmers, designers and engineers are seasoned professionals who take the time to get to know you, your project and your business.

The team at GVP.DSJ INC. is dedicated to creating solutions that match your current needs, and are designed to help you achieve your long-term goals.

GVP.DSJ INC. has stepped up to not only meet the technology challenges of today, but we’re working hard to anticipate future trends and needs of businesses like yours. We are poised to stay one step ahead of the technology game! And of course, we understand the importance of delivering solutions within budget, and under timeframe constraints.

GVP.DSJ INC. has strategic alliances and partnerships with all of the major distributors. Some of the credentials our personnel hold are the following:

• Microsoft Solution Provider Partner
• HP Partner
• Microsoft Certified Engineers
• Citrix Certified Administrators
• Novell Certified Engineers
• Cisco Certified Engineers
• Informix & Ascential Partner
• Apple Solution Provider
• Macromedia/Alliare Partner



GVP.DSJ INC. expertise and experience with multimedia is unsurpassed. Our experience in adding multimedia elements to your Web site, or creating a multimedia presentation on CD or DVD or tape will set you apart from your competition.

By utilizing streaming audio/video we can greatly enhance your ability to communicate with potential and current customers.
Our staff is experienced with Flash, Streaming Video, Digital Video Production, Web Site Interactivity, Virtual Reality and more.

We have the tools to make it happen, and include the latest versions of Final Cut Pro, Movie Cleaner, MovieWorks Deluxe, Adobe After Effects®.
GVP.DSJ INC. Post Production facility includes Media 100 high-end workstations, Digital still and Motion Cameras, Beta Decks and much more.


Emphasis on Client Service:

The success of the GVP.DSJ INC. teams depends on our ability to consistently provide excellent services to our clients. To that end, we work closely with our clients to understand their business processes and design solutions and business logic for their specific needs and challenges.

To ensure each engagement is completed to our client’s satisfaction, we set project goals, timelines and measurable performance goals together. We monitor the progress of each project closely insuring its successful completion.

We understand that the quality of our service is a direct product of the knowledge of our team members. Therefore, we emphasize and encourage continuing professional development of each team member in his or her area of specialization, providing training opportunities well above industry standards.


100% Guarantee:

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We try hard to ensure that what you say is what we hear, and that we translate it faithfully into graphical and programming functions. We’re trained to figure out your wants and needs, even if you don’t know how to express it in today’s “tech” terms.

Our clients always come first!
GVP.DSJ INC. has established a reputation for outstanding customer service. We are accessible and responsive. We have the capability to work transparently; many of our clients consider us an extension of their own marketing departments.

Our response time for changes is based on client need, not our production schedule. If something needs to be done immediately, we have the capability and the personnel to jump to it.

No matter what the size of your project, your current business environment, whether you have an IT staff or not, GVP.DSJ INC. can create a solution that will solve your technology pains, and increase your profit structure.

Contact one of our consultants today, and learn more about the cost effective solutions that GVP.DSJ INC. can offer your business.




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100% Guarantee